Why you need mold for customizing your plastic producs?

Why you need mold for customizing your plastic producs?

what’s mold?  and why do you need it?

Mold is a kind of tool that form the molten plastic raw materials into designed shape and measurement, finishing, parts produced by utilizing mold is very common to see around your daily life, your phone case, most of the parts made in plastic in your car. When you want to product something in plastic massively, you would need employ molds to lower down cost and increase the efficiency. That’s why the first issue would be discussed is mold when you send your unique design or sample for inquiry.

When importer need to purchase customized plastic products in China, the China mold supplier would probably charge you mold cost and ask deposit before product production, let’s figure out what’s is really about.

Mold making would require multiple manufacturing processing ways, such as EDM, wire cut, drilling, milling, CNC turning, polishing etc. It normally takes 3-4 weeks, and it could take even much more time when the mold structure is complex and size is big. To make sure everything is in trail, ask the schedule and track the processing once in a week. Payment term usually is set like below:

50% deposit for mold, 50% balance after sample is approved.
50% deposit for mass production, 50% balance after production finished.

Who owns the mold

You are the investor and the mold belongs to you. But since the mold stays in China mold factory for injection molding, it’s tricky to control the mold, sometimes the supplier would do production with your mold without your authorization, you’d better do regular inspection. Most important, when you do contract with supplier, make sure you have agreement how many units of the mold are able to produce, define the compensation term clear what if the mold breaks before it reach the guaranteed units produced.

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