hot runner mold

mould temperature

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mould temperature One fundamentak principle of injection molding is that hot material enters the mould,where it cools rapidly to a temperature at which it solidifies sufficiently to retain the shape of the impression. The temperature of the mould is therefore important as it governs a portion of the overall molding cycle.While the melt flows more

Sprue Bush and Register Ring

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Sprue Bush and Register Ring The sprue bush is defined as that part if the mould in which the sprue is formed.In practice the sprue bush is the connecting member between the machine nozzle and the mould face,and provides suitable aperture through which the material can travel on its way to the impressions or

The reason causes mold with hot runner leakage

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The reason causes mold with hot runner leakage Is the leakage on the outside of the mold or internally. Possible causes for external leaks are worn probe seals or improper cleaning when being maintenance. Internal leakage may be caused by shooting through when manifold in not fully up to temp or wear on the