What kind of injected plastic can support high temperature?

It’s a small plastic injected piece that will be submitted to short period of time (2 seconds) of high temperature (95-105ºC approx.) in every cycle; this high temperature is produced by a filament where electric current passes through (like a house light bulb but hotter) for no more than 2 seconds in the process cycle. A complete process cycle last for about 45 seconds where the piece has time to cool off again. This plastic piece has to work for about 45-50 complete process cycles.

I have used ULTEM (SABIC innovative plastics) PEI (polyetherimide) in high thermal service components such as hard drive parking ramps, insert molded side looking LED optics, motion sensor windows, and missile fuse optics in the past with good success. It also has high lubricity and it is easily used in molds designed for both commercial and engineering grade materials with shrinkage of 0.005 to 0.007in/in.. It comes in a variety of application grades with a 94VO rating.

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