Can I rework 2 cavity mold to 4 cavity mold?

To decide an injection mold for unpredictable demand, I would see whether more cavities will change the mold base size. If part size is small and volume is low, a 2 cavities and 4 cavities mold may use the same mold base (hence use the same machine tonnage), then it may be wise to have a 4 cavity-capable mold with only 2 cavity cut, like a bridge mold.

However, I am still a little bit doubtful on the saving we can gain by just not cutting the remaining cavity. Building a small injection mold is still the 1st preference. Then we may end up with 2 small molds, which is more expensive. However, the second mold is a duplicate mold which will not need to design, program, and go through various mold modification as the first mold. Furthermore 2 small injection molds are sometime more flexible for production planning compared to one big mold.

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