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Welcome to Mingyu Mould

More than 20 years experience on Plastic Molding Design and Mold Making

About Us

Mingyu Mould is a professional plastic mould maker established in 1998 and located in Ningbo,China. It is near to Ningbo airport and it only takes 2 hours from Shanghai to Ningbo by train.

Our Service:

  • Product 2D/3D drawing as per sample or custom design according to customer’s requirement
  • Molding design,CAD/UG/ProE,etc
  • Mould Flow Analysis if need
  • Mold making
  • Mould trial testing and sample checking
  • Low volume injection molding
  • mould paint and special treatment
  • mould packing and transportation arrangement

What mold can we do?

Mingyu Mould focus on the molding design and mold making for different product of different fields,such as

  1. Auto Mould, auto bumper mould,auto dashboard,auto door mould,etc
  2. Home Appliance Mould,air conditioner mold,refrigerator parts mould,TV mould,etc.
  3. Commodity Mould,such as plastic chair,table,crate,etc.
  4. Precision injection mold for electric product
  5. we are also developping on the thin wall mold

Factory and Professional Team

Mingyu Mould keep believing that good processing and maching equipment is very important to the quality and lifetime of the injection mould,otherwise,even you had good molding design, but the mold making may bring bad influence on the mold quality.

During the past years,Mingyu mold is keep investing different good equipment, such as CNC,high speed milling,high speed carving,high precision mirror surface EDM,etc.

There are above 35 staff in the factory and everyone is good at and responsible for his work. From the product analysis to mould design,from mold making to mold testing,every staff pay full attention on his job.

High-tech equipment plus professional team help us manage the mould design and mold making with different requirement and standard,and win the customer’s trust.

Market and Reuption

Mingyu mould is not only do mold making in local chinese market,but also do mould design and making for different countries,such as, Israel,Poland,Czech,Turkey,Indonesia,Malaysia,USA,Mexico,Colombia,Peru,etc.

The trust and support of our customers is the motivation for our continuous efforts.

Service and Cooperation

Mingyu Mould won’t forget the customers after the mold being sold and shipped,we keep providing efficient care service and always ready to help customer with any problem during the use of the mould. Our professional service team will always help customer with the problem and guide them at the first time, and also provide the nessary spare parts at once.

Customer’s satisfication is our persuit!

Looking Forwarder to build long time cooperation with you!


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