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About Us

Ningbo Mingyu Mould is specialized in kinds of plastic injection moulds,such as Automotive Mould, Home Appliance Mould,Commodity Mould,Thin wall container Mould,PET preform Mould. With More than 20 years mold designing and making experience, Mingyu Mould are growing and developing fast, and have sold mould not only in Chinese local market, also into different foreign countries,such as Malaysia,Thailand,Jordan,Israel,Turkey,Poland,Serbia,Mexico,etc.

Recently Finished Moulds

Auto bumper, car door panel, refrigerator mould, air conditioner mould,washing machine mould,bucket mold, storage box mold,fruit crate mold,etc.

Latest News

1012, 2018

mould cooling

Talk about mould cooling One fundametal principle of injection molding is that hot material enters the mould, where it cools

2504, 2019

How to identify plastic material

The following are the identification methods of several commonly used plastic materials: First, the appearance identification method (1) PE, PP,

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